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A air conditioning company in Katy Texas you can trust

Homeowners looking for air conditioning in Katy now have a new website to turn to. The website is which you now can easily book appointments directly from website. Before TAM AC and Heating was a company it was formally known as The Appliance Man, Oscar’s appliance company. Since becoming a leader in home services Oscar expanded to air conditioning services. If you need a new ac unit installation or a simple a/c repair visit TAM AC and Heating today.

The history of the way me and Oscar met is easy. He needed a marketing company for his heating and cooling company and I needed a new client. Since we started working together it was clear to me that Oscar was a truthful and reliable ac technician for his customers. There was a time when Oscar was able to fix my air conditioner right over the phone. One day in summer of course my ac stopped working. I told him my symptoms and his guess was correct my ac was frozen from running too much. Plus it’s an old system. So he said put on the heater for a while to thaw out the lines and it was back up and running again in about 45 minutes. This saved me a good $200 bucks at least since I didn’t have to have a repair man come out. If you need ac repair in Katy then call Oscar today.